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Third Quarter Review (2022) + Digital Assessor Awards

P4P International ( has had a #fantastic, #whirlwind year and has experienced more and more acceptance of the Platform as the #leading #eAssessment and #ePorfolio platform in #Africa.

As such we are launching a quarterly review. The purpose of this review is for you to hear from industry operation experts (NOT #Researches - BUT the actual end-users) as they tell you their experience in the eAssessment and ePortfolio market as well as what P4P (as the leader) has achieved in the past 6 months - and track what is coming in the next couple months for eAssessment and ePortfolios with the SETAs.


1. Introduction to P4P International and P4PSA

2. Panel discussion

TOPIC: The current and future of eAssessment and ePortfolios.

Panel Members:

3. What's new in P4P platform ).

4. What's coming in P4P – next 3 months.

5. Awards and Special Offers.


P4P International really #experienced great success in the uptake of using our leading platform to submit evidence and conduct #assessments with the broader Assessment ECOSystem. We are #grateful for all the work that all the users have put into both ensuring that their #learners are tracked, assessed against the standards, internally moderated, AND in how each of the users have taken the #leap into the #digital#assessment space. (the whole emotional spectrum.)

This year we launched the Digital Assessor Awards for the most effective #Administrator, #Assessor, and #InternalModerator.

These awards were won by the Assessor, Admin, and Internal Moderator who have used P4P most effectively in 2022 and in line with assessment best practices, and the assessment process.


Digital Assessor: Shireen de Jager (Profile)

Digital Internal Moderator: Juana Dale (Profile)

Digital Administrator: Venessa T’Hart (Profile)

See you all in 3 months for the next review

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