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#SDP Pain Point:

1. Are your Admin Resources chasing paper wasting time?

2. Is posting and receiving of portfolios between Assessors, Learners and Moderators costing you?​

3. Is sending, receiving and tracking assessment progress costing your team and your learners unnecessary time?

Paper Based Portfolios
Posting Portfolios that is costing time and money
Storing the portoflios of Evidence

P4PSA Solution

​1. Time – Administration.

Decrease in time for your admin person/team per batch of 15 learners.​

P4P has removed the requirement from your admin team of; posting (sometimes), tracking, checking, rechecking, informing role-players, tracking emails, junk mails and processes of the hard copy P.O.E.‘s. ​



Cost-saving for boxing, labelling, sending and storing of Portfolios over 5 years.

We work with your learners, assessors, facilitators and evidence collectors to immediately load the P.O.E. (from e-learning, practical's and/or the Workplace Integrated Learning). ​


Time-saving per e-P.O.E. that needs to be found after assessment.
ALL legislative details and other evidence is immediately captured into the learners e-P.O.E. folder, and immediately accessible for 5 years after exit verification.​

2. Portfolio Movement (Postage Costs)​

Cost reduction in postage, courier or registered mail and POPIA compliant.​


P4P has totally removed the need for snail mail (postage), saving you the costs of courier or registered mail. The “guessing” IF and/or WHEN your learner, assessor or Internal moderator received the portfolio. Immediately access the e-P.O.E. folder in P4P, see if it is Version 1, 2 or 3 of the evidence, and who was the last person to engage with it. As many time and often as you need.​​

3. Creating programme analysis reviews ​
Decrease in admin time to track, compile, combine, review and analyze the results of the post assessment discussions.​

(Per 20 credit module / per batch learners (15 learners per batch). ​

P4P enables the #SDP to do what the SETA’s require, and all profitable businesses do – product analysis. However, for smaller #SDPs this is too out of reach as it required too much time for the admin. The actual review of what the learners thought of the programme, assessment and support. You can now review how your company is performing and where your areas for change in your programmes are. Offering this as a Value add to your clients. ​​

4. Reduced Workplace Assessor Costs. ​

Decrease in assessor costs (all associated costs) per learner per module (of 20 credits) to conduct workplace integrated assessment, and remedial work.​ Reduced travel, petrol, and onsite assessment.​


P4P has removed the need for your assessor to do any site-visits to gather evidence or help learners build portfolios to satisfy assessment criteria. In achieving this the need for all the learners to leave the workplace for many portfolio building sessions is also reduced. P4P work with your Learners, Facilitators, and Evidence Collectors (which can now be a line supervisor / manager) to load the workplace evidence (video, audio combined evidence) into P4P. Immediately notifying your assessor, and they can conduct the assessment. The new learner can continue during lockdowns as the whole process is completed remotely. ​

The eAssessment Process

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