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Meet the Leadership Team

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Darryn Van Den Berg


Visionary, CEO and Technologist 

Darryn is visionary co-founder of the P4P eAssessment and ePortfolio platform, and co-creating the P4PSA brand, specifically to navigate a fast moving, every changing landscape of digital transformation for learning and development in South Africa He works closely with the business in South Africa, as well as training providers, and professional bodies, to understand their employee development needs, how they want to increase skills, and what they think is needed in the skills development industry.

He then works with the P4PSA team to translate these needs and requests into a digital format and leads the P4P International  tech team to overview all needs, the actions taken in P4P by all the users (yep every click). 

Darryn continues to explore solutions to help to improve the user experience, ensures a smooth end-to-end experience for eAssessment and ePortfolio platform. 

You can find him in the Client Support Whats App Group.

Jennifer Quinn


Operations Director

Jennifer is here to support the onboarding and upskilling of the assessors, tutors, evidence collectors, Internal Moderators, Eternal Verifiers etc, She will help you and your team to shift to a digital assessment approach. (using cutting edge OD interventions) 

You can find her in the Client Support Whats App Group.

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Balungile Maqashalala   

Admin Director

Balungile will assist in onboarding your admins and support them in navigating P4P system, as well as loading new admins, assessors, moderators, etc. 

She will help analyze the weekly dashboards, interpret the data, and provide guidance on the admin requirements going forward on all your programmes in P4P.

You can find her in the Client Support Whats App Group.

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