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The eAssessment #ECOsystem

Upskilling Series

01 Nov 22 - 15 Dec 22

2 x 4hr sessions a week x 6 weeks

Portfolio of evidence (optional)

R2300 pp

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ROI Calculator:
P4P continues to find ways to help our clients reduce their costs, by using the right tech at the right time.
And so, we have done detailed research to explore how much we are saving you when using our platform.

            We have created a calculator, where you use the details of your own programme to see how much we will save you.
Click here to download the calculator.
ROI Calucltor

Digital Maturity Analysis

Maturty Analyss


Digital Assessment ECOSystem

The consistent question that is asked by many clients: "What about the Learner's Readiness/Maturity for using digital Assessment? 
We have come to learn that there is not a
one-size-fits-all approach.
We continue to do research in this space and have created a paper about this going into detail about the whole ECOSystem that needs to be supported in the digital assessment application.

You can click here to download read the paper

P4P continues to research the Skills Development industry so we can all understand the actual norms, costs and time it takes for assessment.
This process impacts both learning and RPL strategies. So we continue to conduct this longitudinal study to explore the following:
"The actual time and costs incurred by a Skills Development Provider (#SDP) to complete the end-to-end assessment process."  

Click here to take part if you want to contribute to the growth of the industry.

                          Click here: if you would like to see the presentation from the previous findings.


P4P International launched the contact center support function for all our clients about 5 years ago.

In this offering, we contact your learners on a weekly basis to explore if they need assistance in using the technology. 

We initially outsourced this function, which was good, and through our learning and growth, we have decided to bring this offering back in-house. 

So each of our country representatives are now using the P4PConnect module to contact your learners (to assist you) to ensure maximum support is provided to them, you and your team and that there is an increased chance of completion and success.

These are tracked in your Dashboard that you receive on a weekly basis

Weekly eAssessment Dashboard 
Dasboard Image.jpg

A dashboard is a way of displaying various types of visual data in one place. Usually, a dashboard is intended to convey different, but related information in an easy-to-digest form. And oftentimes, this includes things like key performance indicators (KPI)s or other important business metrics that stakeholders need to see and understand at a glance.

9. Evidence in the P.O.E. folder.jpg

Is the Portfolio Of Evidence Submitted?
Here is a Snap Shot

Competence Status per module based on the assessment conducted.

11. Unit Standard achieved per learner.jpg
10. Remedial Work requried per learnern.jpg

What Remedial action is required by the learner?
Immediate view to contact and follow up

How far along are the Learners and who is ready for Internal Moderation?
Here is a Snap Shot

8. Learner Programme Status.jpg
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