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#SDP Pain Point:

1. Are you calling all your learners on a weekly basis to see if they are struggling with content or technology?   


2. Are your assessors spending too  much time writing reports?


3. Is communication immediately sent (and tracked) to the relevant person when evidence is added into a portfolio?


4. Is all comminution tracked and stored in the individual s Portfolio (all emails, postage call centre…)

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P4PSA Solution

​1. Weekly learner Communication: ​

The first time every one of your learners is called weekly for support.

For full learner support offered by you (through P4P), our call centre will contact your learners (as your call centre) weekly to provide tech support in building and loading their portfolios of evidence for assessment. 

2. Communication of Assessment Actions:

Reduction in the wait time for consistent feedback

The SAQA legislation requires that assessment feedback is provided timeously. P4P makes immediate communication and feedback possible. Up-to-minute updates are what you can expect in P4P. As the user saves their session this information is immediately updated and accessible by other role-players in the assessment process.​

3. Reporting ​
Reduction per module (20 credits) and Statement of achievement per learner.​

P4P creates the Learner Assessment Report on behalf of the assessor and the Statement of Achievement on behalf of the Administrator.​
Reports created per module (short course/skills programme) as well as per Qualification (combination of modules/short courses/skills programmes) that detail all assessment comments, progress, and % of achievement. These reports can be used for RPL and Articulation in that if a learner achieves part of the qualification, the module report is submitted to the SETA LMIS to get a Statement Of Results for the learner on what they achieved.​

4. Client Reporting Value ​

(30 min - 5 min reduction in preparation and sending)

Through P4P you are now able to pull  EE reports per client that show the relevant information of the learner assessment achievement. These reports show the learner details, the company they work for, and % of competition of the assessment (not the content) because it is only in completing the assessment that the clients can enjoy the grants and tax breaks on offer.​

The eAssessment Process

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A directional sign that I liked whilst i
A directional sign that I liked whilst i
A directional sign that I liked whilst in Southampton.  Sometimes it is the simple things
A directional sign that I liked whilst i
A directional sign that I liked whilst i
  • Administrators

  • Learners

  • Assessors


Single Platform: for the completing, tracking and storing of this part of the assessment process.

  • Administrator

  • Learners

  • Assessors

Single platform for all e-Assessment and e-Portfolio and Assessment completion Reports.

  • Administrator

  • Learners

  • Assessors

P4P is the only platform required to inform the learners and assessor of all work and updated

  • Administrator

  • Internal Moderators


P4P only platform required to inform the internal moderator of the batch of learner and conduct the  min 25% moderation

  • Administrator

  • Verifiers

P4P only platform required to provide the Verifiers access to the Internally Moderated batch of learners

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