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To keep you current in what is happening in the world of assessment, P4PSA continues to conduct research, partner with leading company's and reviewing international vest practice in assessment practices and principles - and then offers you the opportunity to attend these to remain current and valid in the skills development industry.


Dates: Weekly on Thursday

Platform: Zoom

Costs: SAESI Members Free

As one of our incredible professional bodies who are using P4P to enable BOTH their accredited training providers to award their learners International ®NFPA fire fighter codes, and their Fire Fighter designation to build ePortfolios to prove CPD points, P4PSA continues to assist the providers to be able to maximise the value of using our eAssessment and ePortfolios build new skills as well as maintain current skills. This space is progressing, and as such Fire Fighter fraternity remain in the forefront of defining best practice.

*Weekly Agenda*
1. Introduction to P4PSA.
2. The NFPA code, Skills Sheet for discussion

3. Loading this codes ePortfolio.
4. Digital Assessment of the code.

5. Wrap up of the code

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P4P is the niche technology company that has created a platform that is focused on all things Assessment only.

All stakeholders who provide learning and skills development initiatives are expected to "just be able to use tech" because that is the new norm.

But this is not so easy, so if you are an Assessor of Learning, this experience is for you, you can now measure your skills in USING an eAssessment ePortfolio platform and get recognized for your brilliance.

50+ assessors have already completed this and are now more marketable.

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Thursday 17 March 2022

Zoom Event

P4P has conducted research with the skills development market to explore the cost of assessment of learning and we now we have the findings of

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