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RPL Methodology for ILO training

This is Module 4 - Assessment Methodologies - of the ILO RPL training course.

#Darryn Van Den Berg have gone through in detail the process design, when using a researched methodology by Dr. Judy Harris, and then how to use that to create your RPL implementation strategy.

The discussion begins with a discussion around 4 different RPL methodologies, and then what the ECOsystem for assessment and digital assessment of competence.

Following on from the Methodologies, you can work through the Handout to build your own RPL strategy, that can be implemented a low tech or high tech, depending on what you want to achieve.

Click here to access the Presentation.

2022_23_Nov_Module 4 Assessment Methodologies.
Download PDF • 553KB

If this resonates, get hold of us to assist you in designing your RPL strategy.

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