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The Assessment Experiment

Can you Assess Performance? Lets test!

"So many people are assessing, and telling you that the learner is competent.

The #assessor is the conduit between - the learner/candidate completing the #qualification / #CPD / #Recruitment interview


You the client that is hiring, promoting, Moderating.

So, here is some fun (2:34 seconds)

This is a #video that I use in my speaking events, to #demonstrate the #simplicity, #complexity, and #biased that are associated with #Assessment of Learning / #Performance / #CPD etc...

(Click here to access slide presentation associated with this Video

Here are the three assessment criteria / questions that you need to answer when watching this video:

1. Knowledge: Did the Artist remember the Words?

2. Skills: Did the artist sing, in tune and in tempo?

3. Desire: Was the artist enjoying what they are doing?

(remember, don't be biased)

Contact us if you want to Digitsing your Assessment Process (

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