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Digital Assessment of Learning ECOSystem

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

This is a presentation and slide share of the Digital Assessment ECOSystem.

in this discussion @Darryn talks through the digital assessment of Learning ECOSystem, WHAT it is,

WHY it is needed, and how it works.

The first 8 slides shows the Context of Assessment, what is it, why education use it, when business uses it and when Professional bodies use it. Followed by a deep dive into the process of assessment,

There after he unpacks the digital assessment ECOSystem required to convert to and conduct effective and efficient eAssessment, and the links the ECOSystem to the process.

In the last 2 minutes he refers to how to convert to a digital space. You can:

- Watch the presentation video here.

- Access the slide here.

- Download full Digital Assessment of Learning ECOSystem paper here.

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