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Assessment Of Learning Process Event.

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

As part of our offering back to the industry, we are conducting continuous research on the actual costs that Skills Development Providers (#SDP) incur in achieving their assessment within governance.

This research show results for the 5 areas within the assessment process:

1. Assessment Affordability

2. Assessment Visibility

3. Assessment Technologies

4. Assessment Communication

5. The Portfolio of Evidence

Click here to Download the Slide Presentation. (17 Mar 2022)

Click here to watch the videoed event. (17 Mar 2022)

With this Killer Panel we unpacked the deeper foundation of assessment of learner, portfolios and different markets experiences in the Demonstration of Skills Landscape. As described in this 6 min video. (

As the need for the #ePortfolio and #eAssessment increases, we get more and more people, who provide the leading LXP platforms (offering amazing content and learning journeys that are very clever in how the learners access the content) contact us to fill the gaping hole of assessment. And this is now also increasing outside of the boarders of South Africa! (Click here to see a short video of the differences in LMS, LXP and e-Portfolio:

We discussed #WHY the need for the #Assessment of Learning Technologies is so prevalent! And the panel that we have secured just shows the depth and maturity of market already.


1. The findings of the research conducted of the Assessment of Learning process.

2. Information that will enable you to find opportunities for you to cost save in your assessment of learning offerings.

3. Digital Learning of Assessment Panel: Engagement with digital Assessment of Learning experienced panel members offering their views and comments on this.

4. Industry Norms: A view of the current industry costs so you can provide more accurate quotes for your: projects, training programmes, client/company skills development budgets.

And of course the launch of the P4P ROI Calculator

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