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Digitizing The Assessment Process

What does it mean to: "digitise your assessment process?"

Many Skills Development Provider’s (#SDP) have applied to offer e-Learning (holistically), through the SETA’s but have not thought through where to begin, and as such, do not have an e-Assessment strategy in place. What are we digitsing? In what order? and, what will success look like?

E-Learning requires access to learning content digitally (this can be virtual classrooms or e-Learning (like a MOOC). Conversion to e-Learning requires massive time and resource commitment from you as the #SDP. The e-Assessment part of the process requires Assessment of:

1. Knowledge & Understanding,

2. Behaviour AND

3. Skills




Both of these cover the Knowledge component required by the SETAs and QCTO policies. But this is only part of the assessment, and these results need to be added into an e-P.O.E.

Knowledge is fairly easy to assess in an e-Learning/LXP Platform, which will then be marked digitally.

Understanding is a little trickier as it is free text and requires a written exam that is reviewed by an Assessor.





Behavior can be assessed in an e-Learning or 3rd party psychometric platform, analyzed digitally/with human assessor (psychometrist) and these results also needs to be added into an e-P.O.E. folder.




Using P4P will ensure that you achieve final step in the learning loop of the assessment process digitally.

All the evidence from the knowledge and understanding, Psychometrics as well as the Skills Assessment are captured into P4P e-P.O.E. folder of the learner, and this is then assessed by a human assessor. (This cannot be assessed effectively in an LXP/e-Learning/LMS platform.)

Skills can only be assessed with a Subject Matter Expert assessor (human) and a Portfolio of Evidence (P.O.E.). 
This is why P4P exists.
We continue to pioneer the e-Assessment & e-P.O.E. for demonstration of skills. (physical activities such as movement, coordination, manipulation & dexterity.) Actions, demonstrate fine or gross motor skills.

The Assessment Process

P4P Process_edited.png

Simply, this is the Assessment Process that you need to digitise. The P4P team’s experience in creating low tech, hybrid tech, and now Virtual Reality level tech e-Assessment processes for clients across all sectors is unique and unmatched. We’ve integrated the brilliance of highly skilled technical architects AND Seasoned Skills Development industry leaders to our platform development and implementation, so YOU, can deliver on YOUR e-Assessment promises to your clients.

Because of our proven track record in creating, implementing, and measuring successful e-Assessment strategies, we have come to learn that the starting place for YOU to convert to digital is with your Assessments. Designing content, converting content, and providing content is a difficult place to start, as there are too many moving parts and limited adoption of e-Learning as a self-directed offering to the end-user. This always is the place where #SDP’s start and fail (It’s much bigger than they think).

P4P has decoded the starting point – the Assessment process, it is easier, has a greater support offering, and more cost-effective to realise ROI a lot quicker for your business. We have described this in detail in the Digital ECOSystem paper written by our R&D team. (Click here to read).

As we continue to be the game-changer for both e-Assessment and #RPL in the talent and skills development landscapes (Including CHE, DHET, PSDP’s and Professional Membership/ Certification Bodies, accepted by different SETA’s, governing bodies, and businesses), we trust that you will make the best decisions for your company and ultimately the learners that you are offering hope to.

Benefits of digitising YOUR Assessment of Learning process using P4P

You can now apply our digital solution to various Assessment / RPL “problems”

(as we have done for clients such as BP (2015) and Sasol(2015-2016), SASCA (2019), SAESI (2019) Emergence Growth (2021) Ucademy (2021)​

Several SETA verifications completed using e-P.O.E (MICT, PSETA, Services SETA, LGSETA, QCTO, ETDP, CATHSSETA and FASSET) and pilots underway with FoodBev, CETA, MerSETA.​

You can offer e-Assessment, e-Moderation and access e-Portfolios in a strictly governed process to all your stakeholders.​

Seamless electronic communication between learners and assessors in one portal which forms part of the P.O.E.​

Enables SETA’s to conduct e-Verifications.​

Your learners now have a portable Ed-Tech “backpack” after assessment of learning or RPL. (You can help them become more marketable)​

Incredible learner centric support including call centers that contact your learners on a weekly basis, Assessor support groups, admin support groups

You can track your assessors progress in real time – this enables better reporting.

(see SDP Pain Point 2)​

Your learners can have a seamless technical learning journey. Easy to return for more.​

Write-ups and Interviews

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