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The #P4P Digital Ecosystem

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

As we build out technology and engage more and more with Skills Development Providers in the Assessment of Learning Process, we continue to see the limited understanding of the assessment process.

This affects all levels of assessed learning, (knowledge tests no longer cut it) - so we began to explore the Digital Assessment of Learning ECOsystem. And this is what we found.

What is a Digital Ecosystem?

A digital ecosystem is comprised of stakeholders, systems, and an enabling environment that together empower people and communities to use digital technology to access services, engage with each other, and pursue economic opportunities.

How does this apply to e-Assessment?

The #eAssessment #ECOsystem is comprised of the stakeholders, systems and networks required to successfully implement, measure and report on end-to-end process of assessment of learning. Providing the user/learner/candidate all relevant support: to register, build evidence, be assessed and ultimately receive their end of assessment goal (qualification, designation, competence, credits, CPD points etc...)

Why the “P4P e-Assessment ECOsystem” model:

P4P has been pioneering the (digital) e-Assessment space for more than 10 years. We have come to learn the main challenges Skills Development Providers / Training Providers (#SDP) are experiencing in applying the assessment process. From this we have decoded the foundation of e-Assessment, the cornerstone where the greatest chance of success is, this is at the conversion of assessment content into a e-Assessment framework which enhances the digital process.

Whilst most #SDP’s are focusing on upskilling the end user/learner/candidate on how to use the new digital systems, they are neglecting to plan for and continually upskill all the role players. Creating poor structures to support the entire e-Assessment #ECOsystem.

In the #ECOSystem there are many different components that need to be taken into account and these are unpacked in more detail in the white paper. However this is an overview of what you need to be considering when converting to eAssessment and an ePortfolio.

Q: What is the context of the eAssessment that you are wanting to apply? The reason to do it?

By answering these questions you will begin to understand WHEN you need to apply your Assessment tool.

Q: What learning domains are you wanting to measure?

This will help you contextualize the type of assessment tool to develop, and you can then find the right Subject Matter Expert to help you design the tool.

This is the assessment process - pick your assessment subject, and context (recruitment, performance management, learning gained, internal mobility etc...) this process is the base line that needs to be applied in one way or another. You need to understand this process so that you can manage it and ensure maximum success.

Q: Where does this process impact your business?

Ahhhh the most neglected when converting to digital are ALL the role players. For each step in the process each role player has a important part to play to ensure that the end user receives the most epic experience and moves forward in their life long journey.

Q: what is your strategy for upskilling and then maintaining all the role players, at the right time for the right reason?

Q: How are you going to ensure that sustainability. mobility and scalability are created for?

At each step of the assessment journey - different stakeholders require different outputs, reports, access, information tracking and other criteria. And the trick is to find the right technologies for the right reasons, and use the accordingly (which then reverts back to the point above, role-players).

The thing about P4P is we are focused ONLY on the assessment of learning, so that we can ensure you receive the best experience for eAssessment. We then work with you to explore and establish the best e-learning technology for the rest of your training and learning approach. (Click here to meet some of out partners)

The last part of your journey is combining the following topics together to ensure that the ECOSystem is developed and Maintained e-ASSESSMENT, TIME FRAMES, e-ASSESSMENT

Good luck as you convert you assessment into an eAssessment space. For detail on this process, you can download the paper by clicking here.

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