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How to Convert to Digital Learning

Digital learning is not so new, but also not very mature, "kinda like a 10 year old kid". P4P has been working with many clients over the past 10 years to assist them to digitise their

Assessment of learning process. (and boy we have we learned!!)

This Blog describes the process and what to focus on HOW to take your Learning into a Digital space and where to begin!

This is important so you can increase the success of your implementation - working in the most efficient and effective way for your company. From this process, to measure the ROI is quite a simple equation, and because this is accepted by more and more Businesses (Internal Mobilisation), Governing Bodies (CPD) and SETA’s this will also impact the claiming of grants, BBEEE and other reporting options.

Conversions Process:

Converting your learning into a digital process is a 3 phased approach, and these phases are based over time and progress between the phases depends on the adoption and use of the phase by the ECO system.

(Click here to read the digital Assessment of learning process ECOSystem paper)

“Converting your learning into a digital process is a three phased approach”


The first step is to convert the assessment of learning into an eAssessment / digital assessment process. Using P4P platform ensures that this is done in governance. (See here)

a. The eAssessment process takes the current Portfolio of Evidence (P.o.E.), logbooks, workplace integrated learning evidence and enables the learners to load their portfolios into P4P eAssessment platform. (See here)

b. Enabling administration, assessment, internal moderation, and Verification to take place online.

c. Ticking the Assessment process for the SETA’s and governing bodies. At this point the actual delivery of content remains classroom based or Face-to-Face.

Don't forget to Upskill

- The conversion of the assessment content into a digital format.

- The Administrators.

- The Assessors.

- Onboard the learners with the assessors.

- Support the Learners and the Assessors.

- Upskill and support the internal moderator on Interim and Final Moderation.

1-4 months to complete and start testing


After phase 1 is adopted by the end users, the next step is to convert the learning content and methodology into a blended digital learning experience.

- Create a project plan to select and convert the qualification.

- Select the best eLearning /LMS platform for the company based on the company team.

- Use the classroom training as a base line for delivery of content, and use the eLearning platform as a supplementary tool, to allow the learners to access the Facilitators as well as learning content during post training times.

Gradually convert the learning content into the eLearning platform over a period of time and review the user adoption to understand the right shift for the company Learning offerings.

Every layout comes with the latest social features built in. Readers will be able to easily share posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, view how many people have liked a post, made comments and more. With Wix, building your online community has never been easier.

Don't forget to Upskill

- Choose the platform.

- Content developers (instructional design team) on how to load the content.

- The Admins on how to track the learning process.

- The Facilitators and Instructors on how to use the eLearning platform.

- The Assessors on how to access the eLearning content.

- The Learners on how to access and use the eLearning content.

5-12 months to complete and start testing


- At this phase the programme content will be digitised, and assessment process will be digitised.

- Finalise the learning pathways.

- Finalise the integrations between the platforms.

- Create the marketing for training offering.

- Offer the training in 3 methodologies.

a. Full eLearning.

b. Blended Learning.

- Classroom based learning – with digital assessments.

12 + months onwards decreases the previous phases.


So many of our the companies that we pitch to have "already gone digital" and they have wasted so much money truing to mix these three steps up. They either:

  • design the content first, and then try and force fit assessment. (with magic eLearning LMS's, LXP platforms, VR, AR, blended with both etc... ect... ) to learn that user maturity is SO far away from what they are offering and tech support post training is SUPER expensive. (see here what I mean)

  • Design the marketing campaign to sell the programme to get learners paying - and then ... WTF ... try and find content, and try and mix and match from Youtube, their last video, their training friends and something they created 15 years ago when they were doing their ODETDP course. and have no idea of Outcomes based Assessment and why it DOES work, when you plan.

  • They borrow content /accreditation from another provider to try and get learners and then wonder how to assess

and the mess goes on

Follow this process, it is tried and tested and works across all industries, training programmes, CPD assessments, performance reviews, recruitment initiatives, internal mobilization requirements etc.

and remember:

"The Short Road is the long road and the Long Road is the Short road." Jannie du Toit
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