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Upskilling Sessions



Passion4Performance the leading eAssessment and ePortfolio platform in Africa continues to offer those associated with us upskilling sessions to ensure that your shift to digital assessment and your use of P4P is a simple and pleasurable one. 
Below are the previous sessions that we have done. 

The Current Session will show the videos and the previous sessions will be the link to the YouTube PLaylist of all the sessions. 

Dasboard Image.jpg
Sesson 3 Dashboard
Session 2: Assessor Upskilling


For the Assessor


These videos show the session we did to assist the assessor to both use P4P and learn what to look for when doing digital assessments IN GOVERNANCE 

The videos are divided into different roles and are created to enable the assessment process.

*All Roles:* These videos are assistance to any user in P4P, and enable you to navigate P4P from any role that you are in.

*Assessors:* These videos are specific to the role of the Assessor and how to use P4P as an assessor.

*Admin* These videos are specific to the role of the Administrator and how to use P4P as an assessor.

*Internal Moderator* These videos are specific to the role of the Internal Moderator and how to use P4P as an assessor.

Session 1 - Assessment Resarch


For the Skills Development Provider


Passion4Performance continues to research the different assessment processes, policies, methods, and tools that people use from all over the world. We research the assessment process used to assess learning, qualifications, education, RPL, recruitment, performance management, internal mobility, CPD, and Designation award

The research is always to explore if digital methods are better than manual methods and if the digital methods are more cost-effective. 

In this session, we show the research that we conducted from 2020-2022 in the actual time and costs incurred when conducting the assessment as we have come to learn that many Skills Development Providers are unaware of the costs of assessment. 

We had an amazing Panel of experts from South Africa, UK, Australia as well providing their perspective and successes. 

There are 5 different topics covered: 

1. Affordibiltiy of Assessment

2. Visibility of Assessment

3. Technologies used in Assessment

4. Communication required during Assessment 

5. The ePortfolio

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