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P4P International has Partnered with Rowan Van Dyk, the Skills Development Expert in the Namibian market, and will be launching our Award winning ePortfolio platform in Namibia in 2024

We are secured the most amazing team, and 3 clients who will be the first to have REAL eAssessment and ePortfolio experience in the Namibian market

The Retail and Transport sectors are where we will begin, and these are already opening massive opportunities because of Rowan, and his teams incredible skills and expertise coupled with the P4P platform.

We are now bringing Namibian businesses, who are paying for training, far more value in tracking where their training spend, by partnering them with cutting edge accredited training providers, who are digitally transforming their Assessment of learning, and Portfolio of Evidence into a digital format. Enable the Namibian training market, we enable ALL TVETS, and private training providers to digitally transform in the most effective method.


For the first time in Namibia, we are also bringing the opportunity for the workers to benchmark their skills against the European, or Canadian Occupations.

Should you be interested in being a part of bringing P4P International leading eAssessment and ePortfolio platform to Namibia and bring real change for the people  through an ePortfolio, letting them demonstrate their formal, non-formal and in-formal learning, by creating a ePortfolio which demonstrate achievement against NTA requirements, NQA programme definitions, or any business measures,

please reach out and lets chat, add P4P Namibia to the subject line below. 

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Contact us

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Rowan van Dyk 

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Darryn Van Den Berg

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P4P International Head Office:

 Darryn Van Den Berg

+27 82 925 2262


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