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Exploring Launch Opportunities
in 2024

P4P International has been exploring the opportunity to launch our Award winning ePortfolio platform in Kenya through a potential partner, who has provided amazing advice, guidance, and direction. The massive opportunity is that through P4P platform, linked to your training programmes, or job roles, we can help you and your clients benchmark your skills against European, or Canadian Occupations.

Partnering with key industry leaders, we are preparing to impact the Juaklie sector in Kenya, aligning KNQA, NITA, TVETA, CIDCA policies, reports, and structures as well as EU and other countries' Occupations into a single learner backpack, bringing real change for the people. 

Reach out if you are keen to get involved, add P4P Kenya to the subject line below. 

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P4P International Head Office:

 Darryn Van Den Berg


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